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Delta Lloyd Headquarters

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Delta Lloyd Headquarters


Internationally operating Dutch financial services company Delta Lloyd initially commissioned Studio Piet Boon in 2011 for the redesign of the ground floor and public spaces of the company’s global headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. What started in 2011 with the entrance, reception area and company restaurant developed over the course of four years into a larger project involving the design of the auditorium, several floors, meeting rooms and office spaces. For this project we were given a carte blanche in the design of all the spaces, taking the company’s new way of working and meetings into account and adding value to not only the new and flexible working environment but also the overall office experience at Delta Lloyd. The aim for our design was to optimize the use of natural light as well as space and create multipurpose areas within a calm and contemporary yet stimulating atmosphere that together with rich natural materials, sophisticated furniture, thoughtful detailing and well-thought out spaces form a balanced whole.

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