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Canal House Amsterdam

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Canal House Amsterdam


Commissioned to convey the Studio Piet Boon philosophy to the interior of a monumental canal house, Studio Piet Boon was tasked with the design of a private intimate residence along one of the most charming canals known to Amsterdam. Keeping with the distinct 17th century architecture, only alterations were made to the existing interior of the building. Redefining and repositioning spaces according to the wishes and lifestyle of the client, creating a harmonious effortless flow of generously proportioned and with natural light filled living spaces. One of the starting points for the design was the client’s private art collection. Matching the sophisticated character of the building and mirroring the client’s taste, a quiet subdued color palette and delicate details were used throughout the residence, ensuring a calm and elegant yet contemporary environment. Putting focus on the colorful exceptional art. At the heart of the house lies the conservatory with sliding roof, allowing for basking in the sun in the summer and enjoy starry nights in the winter. Connecting the interior with the exterior and vice versa.

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