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Exclusive Alex Edition

Piet Boon for Porsche


Mention ‘Porsche 911 Targa’ and for a lot of Dutch people the beloved and feared Dutch state police Porsche will come to mind. With this association in mind Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur decided to build the 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Alex Edition. The Alex is a tribute to the most striking car known to the Dutch police and the result of a special collaboration between the Dutch Porsche importer and Studio Piet Boon. Building a bridge between the past and the present, the subtle detailing of the contemporary Alex refers to the impressive surveillance car that once commanded respect for more than three decades.


The Alex Edition is a contemporary interpretation of the state police Porsche 911 Targa from the 1960’s. For this, Boon drew inspiration from the original functional elements of the historical surveillance cars. Honoring the original, the bodywork of the modern ‘Alex’ almost boasts the same color blocks but distinguishes itself by its satin black striping and ‘Porsche Exclusive Alex Grey color’ that was developed by Porsche in collaboration with Piet Boon. The Targa rollbar and the 20 inch Carrera S alloy rims were provided with the same color satin black. The luggage compartment that used to carry the words ‘State Police’ is now decorated with the 911 logo.

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