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Marriott Hotel Amsterdam


The design for the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel's new guest rooms emphasizes the Marriott service excellence and innovative spirit in combination with the Studio Piet Boon design philosophy.

Inspired by the ‘brutalism’ movement, the aim of the room design was to optimize the use of space and create a warm contemporary atmosphere, conveying honest architectural elements, raw and refined materials, thoughtful detailing and well-thought out spaces that together form a balanced whole.

A subdued color palette of white and grey tones builds on the room’s brutalism theme and sense of space, complementing the screed floor and creating a fresh neutral base for accessories.

Adding color, the exterior of the kubist-shaped bathroom is outfitted with blue colored Japanese “washi” wallpaper.Multifunctional multimedia have been incorporated into the overall design, enabling guests to connect whenever and wherever they please. 

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