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Jawaher Villas Riyadh

The noblest pleasure
is the joy
of understanding

Jawaher Villas Riyadh


The Studio Piet Boon vision for the design of Jawaher was to create an opulent experience for homeowners within the framework of one exterior architectural language.  Alterations were made to the existing façade to enrich its appearance, creating visible contrasts, relief and accentuating its design by framing the windows and superimposing a bespoke natural stone cubistic volume boasting a rhombus pattern. The international Studio Piet Boon signature is visible within all four interior concepts in the use of natural materials, craftsmanship, extraordinary detailing, Piet Boon Collection furniture,  rich color tones as well as strong lines, and symmetry.  Embracing local values and styles, the Studio Piet Boon signature was shaped around traditional features, resulting in a modern interpretation of Saudi Arabian living and a harmonious balance of the ingredients that define a total design experience: functionality, aesthetics and individuality. Though speaking the same modern language, the four generously proportioned homes differ from one another in layout, color scheme, materials used and styling.

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