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Urban Residence Amsterdam

Prestigious not pretentious

Urban Residence Amsterdam


Tasked with the redesign of the interior of an existing three story villa located along the waterside in Amsterdam, Studio Piet Boon was brought in to create the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality. One of the most important aspects was to maximize living space whilst keeping with a warm intimate homely atmosphere. In response to this wish the studio not only changed the layout of the interior, created outdoor living space, but also literally lifted the house off its foundation in order to excavate the basement. By doing so the team was able to add a forth story and window to the residence that now is partially filled with natural light and features amongst others a made to measure wine cellar. Working closely alongside the client, the layout of the interior was changed. Giving new purpose to- and redefining existing spaces whilst enlarging others such as the entrance and master bedroom. The interior was brought back to its original architectural state, creating a more symmetrical routing throughout the house, harmoniously connecting all spaces.

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