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Caribbean beach villa


Situated on one of the island’s most pristine beaches lies 72 & Sunny: a private high-end luxurious 400 square meter seafront villa with 3 bedrooms and 3 en-suite bathrooms. At the heart of the design and construction of 72 & Sunny lay the palm trees that now stand in the courtyard. As these beautiful palm trees were a given factor the first time we came across this beach plot, we decided to design and construct the entire villa around them. In doing so,  a unifying courtyard was created and multiple and perfectly towards the seafront positioned connected living volumes were formed, giving the villa its graphic character. Inspired by island living and the historical salt mine workers houses, the villa was designed in such a way that it would benefit from the wind, allowing the always-prevailing breeze to pass and provide natural cooling. Building on the Caribbean outdoor way of life all living areas face the sea, ensuring panoramic views of the sea throughout the whole villa and enabling the outside exterior to connect with the inside interior. 

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